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voxgarden was officially registered as an enterprise in 2004, conceptually invented in the early 90'ies, finally we came online in December 2007. We have ever since primarily published the works of composer, pianist, writer, painter, teacher and AV-producer Bjørn Norvall Hoemsnes. Back to the 70'ies, due to Hoemsnes' lifeline of activity, the enterprise has worked closely with major co-partners within the Norwegian art and music world. Among others: NRK, Festspillene i Bergen, Norges Musikkhøgskole, Ny Musikk Østfold, Norsk Komponistforening, Det Norske Blåseensemble, ISCM, not to mention Kulturskolen. Now as norwalltino as well.

Other co-partners abroad include: Collegium Musicum - Schloss Pommersfelden and Richard Strauss Konservatorium, Munich.

Promoting new art

The promotion of new art, especially 360-degree music will continue to be of prime importance in the future development as well as the understanding of enhanced consciousness as we discovered it back in the middle of the 70'ies. An awakening wave started and we have been a part of it, but mostly we've been ridiculed regarding our spiritual path. Pay attention to these men: Werner Gitt and Eben Alexander

Our goal

Our goal is to liberate art and music that is set in stylistic stereotypes and captured in cultural and artistic rigidity, and gain promotion of personal artistic and nonconformist free-thinking freedom as well. By the way, take a look on what the internet dictionary says about heresy:

Opinion or doctrine at variance with the orthodox or accepted doctrine, especially of a church or religious system.


Have you heard this question before? Is this a real composition or do you simply improvise this stuff...? Listen to this amazing pianist from Venezuela, Gabriela Montero ,- she is "only" improvising. Other astonishing improvisors include Keith Jarrett and Victor Wooten. And <|script type="text/javascript">//



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The art of improvisation:


Nevertheless, the importance of realizing and put into performance a musical score of high-standard-accuracy will always be highly valued. Pay attention to this norwegian composer among the elite: Magnar Heimdal. Voxgarden is proud to introduce Ole Richard, Bjørn Hoemsnes' own son, performing the lead guitar part of this catchy track by Tribal Tech, 'Face first' during a Lillestrøm festival of Big Band music. For more information, have a look at Ett Fett Storband. And listen here: last.fm

The right of free expression is a basic human right, and voxgarden will promote this important issue in our publications. Don't forget to visit our music site, offering hundreds of samples. We also recommend the site, CounterBalance, for futher references and comprehensive mind diving. Yes as Michio Kaku says; The supreme mathemathician.

voxgarden is promoting music, paintings and drawings, as well as selected literary texts, particularly of the composer, pianist and teacher, Bjørn Norvall Hoemsnes.

But music and works of art by other professional artists, producers of kitsch, or creative people working in areas somewhere in between these extremes, will be welcomed in due course.

For another aspect of creativity, watch this:

What we believe

Pertaining musical genre, we are loudly advocating the necessity of kitschcreation, because we are always linked upto our historical preferences. The "news" are born from our common past archive of everything. Do not deny that vital fact, please. It will occur contemporary artmusic garbage and excellent contemorary kitschmusic, that's reality. And here is a 'spoksman', just leaving us on earth, but still alive in mind: George Duke.  Our contemporary-music-attitude and viewpoint completely harmonize with that. Conducting a major late-romantic masterwork: Eivind Gullberg Jensen. Enhancing popular music significantly, pay attention to this gang: Dirty Loops. Among other apostels, currently from another field, pay attention to these men too, Jeremy Taylor. Sir John Polkinghorne, amazing! Hoemsnes kitschy alter ego is norwalltino.

Some of the published texts will bear an impression of Hoemsnes' personal view on things, such as his “Christology”, by which term is implied manmade systems of religious and political power structures and ways of personal liberation from such systems. What about this comediean: George Carlin. We have followed the debate about science and religion closely and can recommend this site, BioLogos, for further exploration. Startling information from Melanie Joy on Carnism. Consider the speach of this man too: Dr. Adam T. Bradford. And this man have contributed amazingly in this matter of case: Edgar Cayce. Robert Quinn, also a man working profoundly for global betterment. Michio Kaku, an other outstanding representative for the time to come. Free energy? Switch into this site as well: Stuff project.

Apart from this, the site is completely nonconformist regarding any established views on art, culture, politics or religious believes. Take a look on discussion on String Theory. And observe, One of the founder: Michio Kaku. Anyways, recognize how the power of Christ change the muslim world: Lydia

voxgarden promotes works of art independent of existing establishments or positions of any kind, even music from Elefhants!

Works and people we would like to promote

New Albums:

One of our great heros: Francis Collins. Listen to: Sir Ken Robinson. Another hero: Chick Corea. Albums and tracks from voxgarden studio created by norwalltino: Listen to Richard Doland about the future. Warning: Space program for Mother Earth. Watch out Jae Rhim Lee: Burial dilemma. 'Norzart flight one' mastered by: Ole Richard A great artist from New Zealand: Ryan Youens and this amazing piano magician: Yuja Wang. And before I vaporize: Yuja Wang again, and again Yuja Wang. And again: Wuja Wang  Follow this debate about: This and pay attention to John Lennox.

These masters have given us so much, million thanks forever:

J. Adams, H. Alvén, E. Alnæs, J. S. Bach, B. Bartok, The Beatles, L. van Beethoven, G. Benson, A. Borodin, P. Boulez, J. Brahms, A. Bruckner, D. Buxtehude, Elliot Carter, F. Chopin, C. Corea, P. M. Davies, C. Debussy, F. Delius, A. Dvorak,  G. Duke, V. d'indyE. Elgar, B. Evans, B. Farneyhough, G. Faurè, G. Finzi, C. Franck, G. Gershwin, P. Glass, M. Glinka L. Godowsky, G. Goodwin, G. Gordon, G. Gould, E. Grieg, J .Halvorsen, A-M. Hamelin, Hiromi and Hiromi  G. Howe, C. Ives, L. Jansson, K. Jarrett, A. Khatchaturian, Z. Kodaly,  B. Kruse, G. Liget, C. Lindberg, M. Lindberg, F. Liszt, C. Loebe, W. Lutoslawski, G. Mahler, Ø. Martre, F. Mendelsohn, O. Messiaen, P. Metheny, D. Milhaud, C. Monteverdi, W. A. Mozart, T. Murail, C. Nielsen, F. T. Nordensten, A. Pärt, O. Peterson, S. Prokofiev, S. Rachmaninov, M. Ravel, N. Rimsky-Korsakov, M. Romberg, F. Schubert, R. Schumann, A. Schönberg, T. Scott, D. Shostakovich, J. Sibelius, A. Skrjabin, B.Smetana, K.H. Stockhausen, R. Strauss, I. Stravinsky, T. Takemitsu, P. Tchaikovsky, L.Thoresen, G. Vannelli, E. Varese, R. Wagner, R. Wallin, J. Williams, I. Xenakis